Soups That Can Keep You Pink In Health

Soup is a liquid form of food that is generally served at the start of a meal. Soups can be vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian. The common ingredients in a vegetarian soup are water and vegetables. The vegetables are boiled until the desired flavor is obtained. In non-vegetarian soups, egg, meat, chicken, prawns or other seafood can be added. Some soups are light and plain, while others have a distinct tangy and spicy taste. Thanks to the large number of choices available, almost everyone can find soups that are ideally suited to their taste buds. It can be eaten before the main course, or as a snack. It is best enjoyed with crispy bread sticks.


Some of the most common types of soups are:

They are made from clean and transparent stock. One of the most popular types of clear soup is Bouillon.

They are made from stock, cream and water. Chicken, egg, lentils and meat can also be added. They are thick in consistency and due care should be taken while cooking them. Soups that are too thick often tend to lose their taste.

Thick soups are of different kinds. Some of them are:

Broths: They are mostly thick in consistency and are made with vegetables, clear stock and rice. Since they are rice-based, they are extremely filling too.

Purees: Vegetables, lentils or meat are boiled and then smashed to create the puree. Some of the vegetables that are used to make purees are potatoes, peas, beetroot and peas. Starch is required when meat puree has to be prepared.

Fruit soups can be hot or cold, depending on the fruit used in it. Cold soups are ideal for summer. Dry fruits, like raisins and dates, cream, and alcohol can be used in these soups. Cold soups are mostly common in the Scandinavian nations, and the Middle and Eastern European countries.

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